Composting is Nature's Way of Recycling!
 Located in Perryville, MO
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Producer's of Green Gardens Compost

Member of The U.S. Composting Council
​ &
​ The Composting and Organic Association of Missouri
                                   Our Mission:                                                                        
​​To produce the highest quality soil amending products that our customers can consistently count on year after year. While at the same time educating the public about how to abstain from illegally dumping, burning, and unnecessarily using landfills for recyclable waste.
Company History:
BFC was founded in 2001 by Stan Berkbuegler. Stan saw a need within the community for food waste disposal such as pre and post consumer foods as well as non-desirable animal cuts. 
​Anaerobic Digestion is the process used by BFC to treat this waste. This allows us to harness the energy and nutrients from the now decomposing compost. The nutrients within the compost stimulate plant growth through a timed release while simultaneously protecting the landscape against weather extremes, especially drought, by keeping soils warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Pictured above: Bins used to process animal off-fall received from area meat processors.
Pictured above: A load of food waste being delivered, BFC receives on average 80-90 tons per week of unsold produce from area vendors.